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Now, this is a short little story all about an Indiana boy who ended up in the City of Lights. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became an attorney in this wild city of Las Vegas.

In Elkhart, Indiana born and raised, on the farm was where I spent most of my days. The grandson of a "tree man" and product of a real down to earth family. Believe me when I say, moving to Sin City was not something we discussed at 4:00 dinner.

I attended private college at DePauw University and not knowing exactly what to do with a Sociology major and English writing minor, I applied to law school, was accepted, and off to Thomas M. Cooley Law School, I went. Midway through law school, I married my wife, Angela in 2006.

After graduating in 2009, with our economy facing the worst depression my generation had ever seen. I applied for jobs anywhere and everywhere. The only real responses I received were from employers in Las Vegas. My wife and I drove to Las Vegas on a whim, I called every law firm in the yellow pages looking for a law clerk position, but couldn't secure one in the few days we were here. Undeterred, a few weeks later, we packed up all our belongings and moved to Vegas.

Shortly after arriving in Vegas, I secured a law clerk position at Spiegel and Utrera, but had to supplement my income by working on the Strip at a casino promotions booth, truly an experience I will never forget.

In 2011, I passed the Nevada Bar Exam and was hired as an associate at the Law Offices of Lucien Cravens, Esq. In 2012, an opportunity presented itself for me to open my own firm, I didn't hesitate. Our firm now focuses primarily on civil litigation, business, real estate, probate, and personal injury.

In 2013, my wife and I welcomed into this world, our first child and son, Colton. The joys of fatherhood are something I could devote an entire website to, but checkout my blog and I may have a story or two to share there. (Insert blog link).

I have tried to craft and build this law firm on the principles I was raised upon, honesty, hard work, and doing the right thing by your fellowman. If you are looking for an attorney dedicated to your cause I hope you will consider my firm. Thanks for taking time to our read this page and review our firm.

In the paraphrased words of Fresh Prince, I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, an attorney, husband, and father in the City of Las Vegas.